Monday, August 20, 2012

August highlights

Samuel had a wonderful time with his grandparents:

We also celebrated his second birthday a bit early so his grandparents could be there, and Doug made an amazing train cake for the occasion:

Norah had her first bath at home:

We were also blessed by a friend coming over and taking some family photos of us and newborn pictures of Norah:


We are tired, but doing well. It's definitely an adjustment caring for two needy little ones, esp. in a place that doesn't feel like 'home' yet, so we really appreciate your prayers for us. Doug particularly has a lot of demands on his time.

God has been providing opportunities for us to get to know our landlady and her family as well. She loves to hold Norah and can't say enough about how cute she is. =) We are praying that they would come to know the Lord. Her husband was in the hospital for over a month and even though he is home now he requires a lot of care which is a major stressor for her as she runs her own flower business as well.

Tomorrow is Doug's big "Back to School" event, where we will meet many of the parents of our youth and try to set a tone for the new year. (The kids are excited to meet Norah too). Please pray for him as he is changing up some of the 'normal' ways he used to do youth ministry. We are so thankful to have such a supportive chaplain as well as 2 volunteers already! 

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Anonymous said...

Did Doug seriously make that cake?! Way to go dad. And Norah is a gem. So glad for you guys.